Karen Resigns as Mayor of Snohomish

Dear Friends,

I have offered my resignation as mayor and given the Council, with its new configuration, an opportunity to select a new mayor that will serve until our change of government in the fall. Council elected Tom Hamilton last night. I believe he will do a fine job in this transition period.

I have loved being mayor and representing our citizens, Council, and staff. I’m proud of our work and many accomplishments and have been honored and happy to provide leadership for seven years. My hope is that my resignation will defuse some of the negativity we have experienced, and turn Snohomish into to more peaceful, compassionate, and positive place.

As many of you know, I have seen these years as an opportunity to grow personally and professionally in my service to this wonderful city. I will continue, of course, to finish my term as a Councilmember, and use my love, my knowledge, and my positive connections to help in the transition to a new government…and beyond.

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