Karen’s Run to Preserve Our Local Government Falls Short

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your donation to my campaign. I’m disappointed that I will not be your Mayor. The vote was close, but not enough to win. Still, I feel great gratitude for the over 170 people who supported me by giving to my campaign, and the hundreds of volunteers who gave of their time and their enthusiasm.

We did a good job:

• Placing over 650-yard signs plus 12 supersized ones;
• Mailing to voters four times – one letter plus 3 jumbo postcards;
• Advertising aggressively online, reaching over 9,000 residents with over 82,000 impressions and a high click-through rate of 6.5%;
• Hosting 3,500+ visitors to KarenGuzak.com with multiple video views;
• Keeping our Karen Guzak 4 Mayor Facebook page relevant and interactive, responding to comments and questions daily;
• Sharing about 10 positive Herald and Tribune Letters to the Editor;
• Attending 12 community Meet & Greets and 4 candidate forums;
• Hosting two community-wide fun events: Kanines for Karen Dog Walk,
and the Community Celebration at the Feather Ballroom;
• Doorbelling with the Kindness crew about 90% of Snohomish;
• Calling and following up with strong supporters to Get Out The Vote;
• Sign waving for two weeks each election with over 150 friends;
• Receiving endorsements from the Governor, the Herald, and more;
• Welcoming donated display ads at KlaHaYa Village and Snohomish Inn.

Please visit News & Events for a browising stroll down memory lane.

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